Who We are

Grace Child Care was launched in summer of 2005 in Shawnee, Kansas at the Grace Christian Fellowship Church site. We are inspired by the joy of childhood and believe in the great potential of our children, and we are thankful for the privilege of working alongside you in loving and teaching them.

Our Mission

The mission of Grace Child Care is to provide each child with a safe, nurturing environment where they are encouraged to become excited with the learning process and to form a bedrock relationship with Jesus Christ. It will be our goal to serve the whole child: spiritual, physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

Our Program

Caring for children “potty-trained” to pre-kindergarten. Our 3 classrooms are limited to 8 children per room.

We believe that children develop awareness and understanding through active involvement with people, materials, events, and ideas. Along with sound Christian guidance, your child will be surrounded with a variety of developmentally appropriate active learning experiences designed to stimulate intellectual, social, emotional and physical success. We believe that consistent support and respect for personal decision-making strengthens the child’s self-confidence, self-control and sense of personal effectiveness, which will lead to a love and excitement for the learning process. Our program is based on the High/Scope Educational Approach.

Active learning is central to the program. This involves a variety of interesting MATERIALS readily accessible to the children, which are free for MANIPULATION (handle, explore and work with). We offer CHOICE, in giving children opportunities to set their own goals and select materials and activities. Children communicate, verbally and nonverbally what they have done- a process that helps develop LANGUAGE . Our STAFF ENCOURAGES the children’s efforts and helps them extend or build upon their work by talking with them about what they are doing, by joining in their play, and by helping them learn to solve problems that arise.

2 1/2 – 3 YEAR OLD curriculum emphasizes language development, social skills, creative movement and large muscle activity.

3 – 4 YEAR OLD curriculum offers a greater variety of experiences including more detailed small muscle activities. Basic math concepts and problem solving skills are addressed. At this age self-expression and wider socialization is encouraged.

4 – Pre-K children will begin to combine ideas and understand more complex concepts, such as math. They will have a greater memory capacity and their small muscle skills will be more developed. As they are becoming more interested in the world outside of their own, they also begin to show interest in different aspects of written language.